La Vectrum è diventata in pochissimo tempo il nuovo standard nella categoria  delle grandi canne da lancio, con delle performance che vanno dai 150m per un lanciatore medio ai 190m per i migliori tra noi, dopo appena qualche lancio.


Pesa 100g di meno delle canne a lunga distanza

Grazie alla progettazione ottimizzata dell’assemblaggio del carbonio ed a un  design differente, abbiamo ottenuto una canna di leggerezza e rapidità sorprendenti: non pesa.


Rapida e Potente

Contrariamente alla maggior parte delle  grandi canne da lancio, la Vectrum è molto facile da comprimere; non è necessario essere 


Con delle performance da competizione

L'assemblaggio specifico di 5 tipi di carbonio “ad altissimo modulo” ne fa una canna incredibilmente piacevole sul pesce, … un’eccellenza nella categoria!


Realizzata a mano in Francia

I nostri tecnici specializzati realizzano ciascuna canna nel rispetto di standard di produzione molto rigidi, unici nel mondo della pesca sportiva. Vere e proprie opere d’arte create su misura per voi. Perché ogni pescatore è unico…


Noi combiniamo ad un know-how tradizionale universalmente riconosciuto, delle tecnologie all’avanguardia e dei materiali compositi esclusivi, frutto delle ricerche dei laboratori nostri partner. L’unione di queste tecniche complesse richiede una metodologia rigorosa ed un’estrema precisione, degna dell’industria orologiera.


12'6 - 3,5lbs

PIACERE : 75/100

POTENZA : 75/100

DISTANZA : 90/100

A partire da 599€


12'6 - 3,5lbs

PIACERE : 60/100

POTENZA : 100/100

DISTANZA : 100/100

A partire da 649€


13' - 3,5lbs

PIACERE : 60/100

POTENZA : 100/100

DISTANZA : 110/100

A partire da 679€

Il parere dei nostri clienti...

Dimitri - 

I’m very satisifed with my fishing rods from Banana Rods. They bring me joy with all types of carp, whether in ponds, lakes or rivers. And they really match my requirements: for my last order, I went with two vectrum X so as to be able to cast further and find the fish in their natural habitat, and after a few casts I’ve really increased my distances. The difference with other rods on the market is that these are French rods, you can customise the spec to get the look you want, and they live up to expectations performance-wise thanks to the very high-quality materials used. This means you can get a unique rod that suits your profile. And finally, I found the communication easy, enjoyable and pretty responsive, both over the phone and by email. Also, being able to allow people to come into the factory to try the rods you’re interested in, and see how they’re made with the visit to the factory. And emailing photos of the rods before they’re sent off for completion enables you to be sure that all the criteria you’ve asked for have been respected, and for me it also shows a guarantee of quality.

Emilie - 

I’m very satisified with my banana rods, a real pleasure even on small fish, and I’m still impressed every time I cast. It can reach improbable distances with bewildering ease. The banana rods are unrivalled for fishing, and look amazing. Faultless sales team, too - everything is perfect. Being able to track your order throughout the manufacturing process is really amazing and keeps us waiting with bated breath until these gems are delivered. Thank you for your professionalism - I’ll be back for another order soon!

Carl - 

I’ve been fishing for 35 years - still fishing, fly fishing, bait etc. - but mainly carp fishing for the last 30 years. So I have used a range of different rods, of varying brands and qualities. I can therefore say that my banana rods are exceptional in terms of handling for casting and precision, but especially for how enjoyable they are during fish fighting. Whether the fish is 3kg or 20kg (sorry, that’s my limit), you get the same pleasure. The rod seems to work according to what fish you’ve got. And to choose the rods, I just called them up - they gave me all the details, and I was able to choose markings for my first two rods. The photos gave me a preview, all within the advertised delivery window. So I had no hesitation in ordering a third rod the following year to complete my set. And the new one is identical in every way to the 2 first ones - I have to look at the number to see which is which. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase, and recommend it to everyone - treat yourself! The price may be high, but these are rods to last a lifetime.


+33 238 14 26 54 

(english and french spoken)

287, rue Aristide Briand

45450 Fay-aux-Loges



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